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Santiago High School Choir Booster Board


These board members are busy, hard working parents of our choir students, who are selflessly assisting the choir to achieve present and future goals. 

President: Megan Waites                                             

Vice President: Joe Christopher                                  

Secretary: Eddie Rivera                                                

Treasurer: Kay Gamboa                                               

Uniform Coordinator: Kim Madril                             

Ticket Sales Coordinator: Kailee Earnest                 

Dickens Dinner Coordinator: Daniela Wren            

Volunteer Coordinator: Brittney Pecore                   

Concert Co-Coordinator: Koryn Larson                    

Concert Co-Coordinator: Kelly Dworschak               

Fundraising Coordinator: vacant  


Our choir functions on a large budget that covers everything including sheet music, uniforms, festivals, trips, accompanist, vocal coach and choreographer. Every ticket sale, donation, event that Boosters puts on goes back to the students. 


Piano Accompanist, Vocal Coach & Choreographer 

No choir can perform well without a talented accompanist, gifted vocal coach and amazing choreographer.  We are very lucky to have very fine staff who work with us weekly (or more) during class and at our events. Fundraising and donations pay for these talented individuals as well as many other aspects of our choral program.  We appreciate your support.


Thank you for participating in our brand new Social Media Fundraiser. There is No Selling, No Collecting of Money and No Delivery! Plus you can ask for support from friends, family or companies all over the world!! Everyone loves this fundraiser because they can support your child without having to purchase an item. If they want to donate $1.00 or $1000.00 it is up to them. As soon as they make a donation, they will receive a thank you note from the participant/league that will provide the 501c non profit number. If your donor would like to use their donation as a tax write off, they do have that option.

We are creating a web page just for your child. All you have to do is upload a recent picture of your child and enter emails/cell numbers to family, friends or local companies that may support your child and the organization. Once you have entered the 20 emails/texts your part of the fundraiser is done! We will send emails out to your donors on your behalf. The ONLY PEOPLE THAT WILL RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL/TEXT ARE THOSE

EMAILS/TEXT WHO YOU HAVE ENTERED. These emails will go nowhere. They will not be sold and you will not receive any SPAM from this fundraiser. This site is double locked secured and NO ONE can see the email

that you have entered unless you share your email and password.

To get started, log on to (click the button below) to join your campaign. All the info you need is on the back of this letter to get started. Plus we have a step by step video to walk you through everything you need to know. Please help our choirs raise money for their Spring competition trips and all the

other stuff we like to provide for the students to have a safe and memorable year. Campaign will open on September 9 th and our campaign will run for 30 days. Once the campaign is open any new emails/text you enter will be sent immediately. Please check out the attached sheet to see the email we will be sending out on your child’s behalf. Thank you for your support!

Joining a Campaign and Entering Donors

Santiago Choir

First time logging on – New Participants Only

  • Go to

  • Click join campaign

  • Enter Campaign #384  and ID Number# 5355

  • Click Join Campaign

  • Click confirm when your team name pops up

  • Enter your name, email, password, confirm password ( Do not use school email account, use another account you have)

  • Click sign up, and sign in screen will pop up again

  • Enter email and password

  • It will take you to edit profile where you enter phone number and upload picture

  • Click save and continue

  • Enter Donors First Name, Last Name, Email address and/or cell phone number

  • You can enter 3 donors the first time , and click add donors

  • Enter more donors and by clicking “More Donors” it will allow you to add as many as you wish


Returning Participants (Those who already have an account)

  • Go to

  • Click sign in

  • Enter email and password (If you forgot, click “Forgot Password”)

  • Click Join Campaign

  • Enter campaign# 384 and ID# 5355

  • Click Manage campaign

  • Click Team Name

  • Click space that says “Enter Donors Here”

  • Enter Donors First Name, Last Name, Email address and/or cell phone number.  For previous entered donors, follow below

  • Scroll down to “Add Previous Donors” and click the box in the upper left corner (this should select all previous emails), and push "ADD DONORS"

*** Texting is now available- to add cell phone numbers to your ALREADY ENTERED DONORS, click edit on enter         donors page and add cell number.

Returning to the site

  • Click sign in and enter your account Information. 

  • Click Manage Campaign and your Team should pop up. Click “Enter more Donors” to see your fundraisers progress!

  • If you’d like to add additional donors, scroll up to Add Donors and add donors names and email addresses, and then press "ADD DONORS"

  • To add to Facebook, go to manage Campaign and press “Link” on the right side of the screen, which will take you to your participant page. Scroll down and press the blue “F”.

Using the LIFELINE 

The life line is to help you get QUALITY DONORS. You can click the lifeline button and ask your Family for help.   They can enter emails on your behalf.  Keep in mind the lifeline will only be active for 72 hours once you send it to someone and you can send out lifelines 5 times.

  • Click sign in and enter your account Information. 

  • Click Manage Campaign and your Team should pop up. Click “Lifeline” to see your fundraisers progress!

  • Enter email address to who may be able to help you get email addresses that you don’t have.  ie: Parents, grandparents, relatives.

  • Now this person can enter emails on your behalf and it will go onto your personal page.

If you have any questions, please call/text Michele 714-856-7275

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ufundparticipant side 2.jpg


Thinking of joining the Santiago choir as a volunteer?

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