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Santiago High School Choir Booster Board


These board members are busy, hard working parents of our choir students, who are selflessly assisting the choir to achieve present and future goals. 

President: Brittney Pecore                                           

Vice President: Kay Gamboa                                       

Secretary: Eddie Rivera                                                

Treasurer: Darcy Sare                                                   

Uniform Coordinator: Mimi Petitti                            

Ticket Sales Coordinator: Kailee Earnest                 

Dickens Dinner & Trip Coordinator: Daniela Wren

Volunteer Coordinator: Jackeline Bougarin             

Concert Decorator: Koryn Larson                              

Concert Coordinator: Valerie Lopez                                                

Fundraising Coordinator: Danielle Lovette             


Our choir functions on a large budget that covers everything including sheet music, uniforms, festivals, trips, busses, decorations, accompanist, vocal coach and choreographer. Every ticket sale, donation, event that Boosters puts on goes back to the students. 


Piano Accompanist, Vocal Coach & Choreographer 

No choir can perform well without a talented accompanist, gifted vocal coach and amazing choreographer.  We are very lucky to have very fine staff who work with us weekly (or more) during class and at our events. Fundraising and donations pay for these talented individuals as well as many other aspects of our choral program.  We appreciate your support.



Thinking of joining the Santiago choir as a volunteer?

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